Zombie skeleton skeleton cosplay costume
300 pieces
100000pieces / Month
Supply Type:OEM,ODM
SIZE : S, M, L, XL
Color: As shown
Shipping:By sea, by air or express
Term of payment:T/T, Paypal, Western union
Place of origin:China(Mainland)
Price: Welcome Inquiry
Draping and cutting
Draping is the art of manipulating the fabric using pins and hand stitching to create structure on a body. This is usually done on a dress form to get the adequate shape for the performer. Cutting is the act of laying out fabric on a flat surface, using scissors to cut and follow along a pattern. These pieces are put together to create a final costume. skeleton costume,skeleton, skeleton,womens skeleton costume,skeleton costume child Actors in samurai costume at the Kyoto Eigamura film set
Costume construction

Pros and cons of draping
It is easier to visualize the finished product
It is hard to keep the fabric symmetric
You are able to drape in your fashion fabric rather than making a muslin mockup
Draping makes it difficult to replicate for multiple people
There are no needs for patterns
It can be hard to keep the grain of the fabric straight
There is less waste when using the specific fabric from the start

Pros and cons of cutting
You are able to create your own pattern to fit a certain size
You may need instructions to piece the fabric together
It is easier to control the grain of the fabric as well as symmetry
There is more ability to create many of the same garment
The measurements can be very accurate
It takes time to see the final product